IDEA visitors enjoying school

By ALFRED OMNIK and COLIN REITAN, staff writers

Six IDEA students visited GILA this month. Three of those students were here for the aviation program.

The Interior Distance Education of Alaska program is a home school program provided by the Galena City School District that provides parents the tools to teach their children at home.

IDEA students Patrick Brandt, 15, of Wasilla; Ricardo Medina, 15, of Fairbanks; and Shea Orr, 16, of North Pole all came for the aviation program.

Patrick wants to pass his FAA knowledge exam, and he plans to come back as a GILA student. “This place is awesome, everybody is chill,” he said.

The three aviation students were joined by Emily Dukes, 15, of North Pole; Maggie Dukes, 16, also of North Pole; and Noel Duplantis, 19, of Nenana.

Ricardo said he came to learn how to fly an airplane and also wants to return as a GILA student.

Shea said, “I think the classes are really awesome and provide great opportunities.” He hasn’t decided if he wants to come back yet as a GILA student.