Galena wrestlers gather notice in Nome


The Galena wrestling team.

By ERIC JONES, staff writer

The second trip of the wrestling season was a sure success for the eager and young Galena Hawks wrestling team that took several  second places in Nome on Nov. 4 – 5.

“Amber [Kanuk] had a pretty good match. Butch [Thomas Tocktoo] also had some awesome matches. But the best match would be Butch’s second round match which Butch’s opponent scratched the back of his neck, that brought my blood pressure up,” said Josh Pittsenbarger, wrestling coach.

The wrestlers are improving, he said. “It’s a very young team.”

The results of the meet at Nome are:

Boys, 120-pound weight class:
Second place – Amos Charlie
Third place – Klaydon Charlie

Boys, 126-pound weight class:
Fifth place – Joshua Fitka

Boys, 132-pound weight class:
Sixth place – William Billy

Boys, 138-pound weight class:
Seventh place – Kevin Bergman

Boys, 145-pound weight class:
Seventh place – Evan Charlie

Boys, 152-pound weight class:
Seventh place – Dylan Parka

Boys, 160-pound weight class:
Eighth place – Martin Moore

Boys, 285-pound weight class:
First place – Thomas Tocktoo

Girls, 113-pound weight class:
Third place – Devine Lake

Girls, 120-pound weight class:
Second place – Maliyah Moultrie
Third place – Amber Kanuk

Girls, 132-pound weight class:
Second place – Cassandra David

Girls, 145-pound weight class:
Fifth place – Dorcus Swan

Girls, 145-pound weight class:
Fourth place – Megan Black