Galena sixth grade participates in statewide geography contest


Photo courtesy Jaime Landrum

Sixth grader Abigail Landrum, who participated in the statewide National Geographic Geographic Bee in Anchorage.

By KAITLYN ALBERT, staff writer

Galena elementary student Abigail Landrum participated in the state National Geographic Geography Bee in Anchorage on March 27.

Abigail Landrum is sixth grader who is homeschooled by her mother, Jaime Landrum. She represented Sidney C. Huntington School and was the only student from a small, rural community to compete in the state bee.

“Most of her preparation was from reading, Abigail loves to read, so a lot of her knowledge came from that,” said her mother.

Abigail was one of 100 students from grades 4 through 8 who competed in the statewide geography bee. Each student had to take a written test. Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan welcomed the students at the bee, saying his favorite subject in school was geography as well.

During the bee, students were broken up into five groups, and all together there were five rounds.

Abigail participated in the tie-breaker, and got half of the questions right in the preliminary round, which she was very happy about.

Abigail’s favorite subjects in school are geography and math. Abby’s older brother, Henry Landrum, participated in the geography bee last year representing Galena. The first place winner was from Juneau.