Former GILA teacher’s script to show up soon as Lifetime network program


Photo by Frozen Image Photo, LLC

Carlee Malemute. Photo from the 2010 yearbook.

By ANGELICA FIRMIN, staff writer

Former Galena resident and GILA teacher Carlee Malemute, and her partner Jesenia Ruize, has written a movie for Lifetime Television that will be released on July 1, 2017. The production’s title is Her Forgotten Daughter.

“We actually came up with like twenty ideas with crazy lifetime situations,” said Ms. Malemute. After presenting their ideas, the Lifetime Company picked three that they wanted to hear more about. The process of elimination continued until the final product was chosen.

“We just got excited whenever we heard about casting, who they were looking for, where the film would be. We would get together and have our nerd-out moments.”

The movie had been filmed in December 2016 in Santa Clarita, California. Santa Clarita is about a one-hour drive from Los Angeles. Lifetime had rented a house for the production of the movie.

“It was like wow, there are actually people that live here, there are kids playing baseball in the backyard,” said Ms. Malemute.

Ms. Malemute and Ms. Ruize were able to spend two days on the set for the film. During this time, the pair had the chance to meet the actors, talk to the director, and watch their story become a reality, she said.

Her Forgotten Daughter is about a woman who hired a nanny to help with her twin sons, not realizing that the girl she hired is her daughter that she had given up for adoption at birth. The nanny soon becomes “overly-attached” to the family, causing problems to arise, said Ms. Malemute.