Elementary teachers recognized for outstanding performance scores


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Students gave flowers to elementary teacher Debbie Koontz at the appreciation ceremony on Jan. 24.

By KAITY ALBERT and CANDACE COX, staff writers

Teachers at the Galena City School were recognized for the outstanding ASPI scores received by the school district during an appreciation ceremony in the SHS gym on Jan. 23.

Beth Buchanan, principal of curriculum and instruction, proudly announced that elementary students at the Galena City School ranked number 31 out of 500 elementary schools in Alaska as one of the top scorers on the Alaska School Performance Index.

Mrs. Buchanan made it very clear that the teachers at the school play the biggest role in educating children.

“We are grateful, extremely grateful for our entire staff,” she said to the students gathered in the SHS gym. She said she was very humbled by the teacher’s hard work and invited them to receive a flower from students in honor of their contributions.

The highest possible Alaska School Performance Index rating is 100. Sidney C. Huntington Elementary School students were rated 96.84.

Sidney Huntington School staff who were honored by the award were Claudette Green, Debbie Koontz, Kate Thurmond, Bruce Fennimore, Carrie Fennimore, Genny Brown, Keilah Redman, Patricia Erickson, Alyson Esmailka, Trisha Esmailka, Jusette Hill, Adriana Hevezi, Alicia Bjorgen, Maria Reidel, and Jason Harris.