Elementary teacher just has to walk down hall for new job


The newest Sidney C. Huntington elementary teacher is Dawn Pomrening

Ms. Pomrening is currently the academic support, math fundamentals, and arts & cultures teacher at the SHS campus for high school students, but is switching to the elementary wing at SHS. Ms. Pomrening will be teaching seven fifth graders and one sixth grader. She is unsure when she will start teaching elementary, but is hoping she will start when replacement teacher for her is found.

“I really enjoy teaching elementary and felt that it was the healthy choice for me and it would make me healthy in all facets in my life,” Pomrening said.

Pomrening, 49, received her teaching degree in 2009 from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. For the first three years, she taught secondary generalist (fifth grade through 12th grade) and elementary teacher (pre K – fifth) in Hughes. After that, she taught in Pelican for two years and was the only teacher in the district. She had the help from her son, Greg, for the first year at Pelican. Last but not least, she was hired here at Galena as the academic support teacher in 2016.