Active shooter drill planned for this month


Photo by London Keplinger

Sidney C. Huntington School

By LONDON KEPLINGER, Hawk Highlights editor

Galena Interior Learning Academy will be having an active shooter drill in April, following the schools’ crisis plan being updated. The school will be having an administration meeting with teachers at their next staff meeting on April 23 to discuss the drill.

During the active shooter drill teachers and students will be expected to do what is safest for the classroom as a whole. If there were an active shooter in the school and the classroom has a door leading outside, the teacher would be expected to assist students outside of the school to a safe distance. If this was not possible they would be expected to lock down the room and persist that way.

“Parents need to know that we’re being proactive in insuring the safety of their children,” said Sidney C. Huntington principal Ken Essex.

The school’s crisis plan is updated regularly and the active shooter drill was its most recent addition, he said.

The school hopes to have several active shooter drills in order to work out any kinks that might arise. In the event of a real emergency the school wants to be as prepared as possible, he said.

The school wants to have a fire drill, as well as another drill, on the crisis plan every month.