Events Calendar returning to help planning, prevent confusion




Communication in a small town is critical to keep everyone aware of what is going on amongst the community.

During Galena’s latest town hall meeting about three weeks ago, people pointed out that Galena’s community needs a system to ensure that two events do not interrupt each other. One solution to this problem was one of the Hawk Highlight’s old features, the event calendar.

“There’s lots of stuff that goes on in this little town,” said Jason Harris, vice principal of Sidney C. Huntington School. Mr. Harris was aware that the Hawk Highlights had an event calendar in the past and talked to the media and information technology teacher, Paul Apfelbeck, about bringing it back.

The events calendar will start publication in January.

That lack of communication within the community was made apparent on Dec. 2, when on a Saturday morning, the fall SATs, KIYU’s annual membership meeting, a schoolboard workshop, and people setting up for the Craft Fair all crossed paths.

Ten years ago the Hawk Highlights had an event calendar that served to inform the community of events happening throughout the town. After the flood in 2013, the event calendar was never revived.

“KIYU does a good job of communicating current events,” said Mr. Apfelbeck in regards to the discussion of communication in Galena, “but there is no place to find information for the whole town a month or a year away.”

The event calendar will be a month by month list of events, easily accessible on the Hawk Highlights page with a brief description of the events as well as the time and date of a given event. The page will be kept up to date by Hawk Highlights staff and will have information ranging from a month to a year ahead of time.