Headquarters Building closed due to heating problems


By KATELYN HOLMBERG, staff writer

The headquarters building on the GILA campus will be closed for the rest of the second semestdr until the temperature gets warmer, said John Riddle, principal at GILA.

The building was not able to stay warm, he said.

There will be classes in the building when the air temperature gets warm enough for the heating system to maintain the temperature. According to Mr. Riddle, the plans for the building next year are still undecided, including the price to fix the heating system.

“We don’t know the price for the heating system without a report from the engineers,” said Mr. Riddle.

There were three classes meeting in the building that had to be moved.

Mr. Kalke’s classes will be in the overflow room next to Brian Davis’s class in the composite building. Ms. Ross’s classes will also be meet in the same place.

Ms. Schumacher’s academic support classes will be in the student union building.

Ms. Ruchti’s classes will be in the Aurora Room in the dining hall.