GILA student meets world leaders, attends inauguration


Corey Tuzroyluke ponders the future of the nation in this mock-up of the Oval Office at the conference hall where he attended workshops and meetings during the inauguration.

By COREY TUZROYLUKE, staff writer

On January 20, 2017, I had attended President Trump’s Inaugural address because of the breathtaking opportunity that Envision had given me.

This program is called the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit (PILS) which happens every four years during the next president’s inauguration. There were approximately 2,500 scholars that had attended this summit and we were divided into the topic of presentation we wanted to present. There were three rounds, and there were different score keepers. My presentation was on the climate change happening throughout the globe, but we only had made it to round two.

During the program, I had seen many different leaders throughout the entire world, different perspectives of our new president, and numerous landmarks in our nation’s capital.

We had leaders from all over the globe that came and spoke with us. To name a few, there was Malala Yousafzai, Ziaudinn Yousafzai (Malala’s father), Spike Lee, Abby Wombach, General Colin Powell, and more. These leaders in the different fields of professions, spoken with us to help the future leaders in the world to help us.

I had heard different perspectives, seen numerous supporters, and met people from all over the world. My friends in my group had all kinds of perspectives about the president of the United States. One of my friends loved Donald Trump, they had a Donald Trump hat, shirts, flags, and they even had a pair of shoes of him. One of my friends was against Trump to the fullest, though.