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Introducing the 2019-2020 staff for the Hawk Highlights, the only newspaper in the entire world that cares about Galena, Alaska.

Tiana Chiklak

My name is Tiana Chiklak. I am a senior in the journalism class. I am from Dillingham, Alaska. My parents are Elizabeth Chiklak and Patrick Chiklak. My mom is an accounts receivable specialist and my dad is deceased. My siblings are Heidi, Robyn, Lorrene, Maverick, and Herman. Heidi is 30, Robyn is 27, Lorrene is 26, Maverick is 21, and Herman is 11.

Heidi is a stay-at-home mom living in Anchorage. Robyn is on her way to becoming a nurse and is planning on moving to Anchorage. Lorrene just graduated from college, and is looking for a job. Maverick is attending Tanalian Youth Leadership Center. Herman is going to elementary school in Anchorage living with my mom.

I went to Dillingham Elementary School, Dillingham Middle School, Wendler Middle School, GILA, and Dillingham High School. I hope to learn whatever Mr. A teaches in this class. I would like to write about the dorms.

Preston Demientieff

Preston Demientieff

My name is Preston Demientieff. My home is Holy Cross, Alaska. My parents are Patricia and Jeffrey Demientieff. I am a middle child of two other siblings. I have schooled in grade school until high school, where I now school at GILA. I am in 11th grade and have been in GILA since my freshman year. For this year’s journalism class I would like to produce something, such as the school yearbook. I would like to receive a fair grade for the effort I put in class. I would be great to come up with a new design for the school newspaper since it has the same design for the last century. I would also like to pass this class and maybe learn something as well.

Shane Hildreth

People call me Shane, but my name is Shane Jay Hildreth. I originate from Kotzebue, Alaska, on planet Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy. My mom’s name is Merci and she doesn’t work. My dad’s name is Shane and he is a repair man. My youngest sibling is seven years old and he goes to school at June Nelson Elementary School in Kotzebue; his name is Cevin Key Hildreth. After him is Jesse James Hildreth. He is nine years old and he is schooling in Anchorage. Then Sam is 14 years of age, and goes to Kotzebue middle/high school, and he is an eighth grader. Margaret Kay Hadley Hildreth will be going to high school in Anchorage as a sophomore. She is 15 earth revolutions old. Merci is schooling here at Galena Interior Learning Academy and she is 16. Kenni-Ann is 20 years and she is studying to be a CNA in Anchorage. Charlie is currently training in San Diego, California at camp Pendleton to be in the marines; he is 22. Justice lives win Kotzebue with my parents, and he is 23 years old. My oldest siblings name is Babe Ruth, and she’s working toward a nursing degree in Anchorage.

In journalism class, I hope to learn about journalism. I would like to write about how the cold temperatures affect our bodies. I would like to share that music means the world to me, and I love it so much.

Elizabeth Harris

My name is Elizabeth Harris. I am 18 years old born in December of ’01, and I am in the 4A journalism class.

I lived in Point Hope until I was about 5 years old, then I moved to Kotzebue and finally moved to Anchorage this last summer. My mom’s name is Sharon L. Harris, and my dad’s name is Lee Harris. They’re both retired. I have three brothers: Willie H., Ben H., and one who is deceased, Eli F. Frankson. My brother Willie lives with my parents in Anchorage, and my brother Ben is living in Kotzebue with his girlfriend and takes care of his two sons.

I started E.C.E. in Point Hope, schooled in Kotzebue until freshman year second semester, and started schooling here in Galena since my second semester freshman year. I’m willing to learn anything in the journalism class. I don’t know what I would like to write about. I love dogs.

Dennis Hoffman

My name is Dennis Hoffman. I’m 15 years old and I’m in the journalism class. I live in Tununak, Alaska.

I have 2 brothers. My 12-year-old brother name is Alphonse Hoffman. He can sometimes be annoying but I love him. My other brother name is Landen Hoffman. He is 8 years old. He loves to play a lot of games, and he also is annoying. I also have one sister. Her name is Adriane. She is 3 years old, and she loves to be like my little brother Landen. Both always like to make a mess play with toys, run around, and play games.

In the journalism class I would want to learn what I got to learn.                                                                                                                                       

Erica Isaac

Erica Isaac

My name is Erica Isaac. My home is Marshall, Alaska. My parents are Joseph and Darlene Isaac. My dad is the village police officer and my mom is the school secretary. I grew up with two older brothers, Marcus and Julius. After me is Rhianne, Joanne, and Seth. From elementary to junior high I was schooling in Marshall and now I’m currently at Galena Interior Learning Academy. I also went to summer school at Ulisagvik College in Barrow. I came to GILA, because I wanted a better education than what they give at my home town. This year in Journalism class, I hope to be a better person at writing and interacting with people. I also need to understand the surrounding, because I usually stay in. It would be great to get to know others I haven’t really talk with. Another thing I’d like to do is, be a better person to be the person people go to for help.

Bradley Jackson

My name is Bradley Kyle Jackson. I am 14 and I am in the journalism class. I live in Noorvik, Alaska. My parents are Karen Jackson and Carl Swan.  

My dad works at Red Dog Mine, and my mom doesn’t work anymore, but she helps me and my sister Jennie Jackson. I have seven siblings. My brothers are Clifford Jackson, James Schaeffer, Brandon Schaeffer, and Ricky Goodro. My sisters are Jennie Jackson, Chaylen Jackson, and Sierra Schaeffer.

I spent my elementary and junior high at Noorvik Aqqaluk School, then I came to Galena to school here for one year. I hope to learn a lot of new things in the journalism class and use what I learn for things in the future. I hope to write about things that happen here in Galena and out of Galena and do that with Mr. Apfelbeck. I am tall and I told a joke of how I’m afraid of my shadow being taller than me.

Celest Kriska

Celest Kriska

My name is Celest Kriska. My home is Galena, Alaska. My parents are Chris and Sharilyn Kriska. My dad is a laborer and my mom is a secretary at SHS. I have 3 siblings; their names are Tanaya, Mckenna and Zyler. I’ve lived in Galena all my life (17 years). I only attended this school only because my family lives here. I joined journalism class so I wouldn’t have to write many papers in the other English class. Being in this class is helping me not having to write so much paper. Also because we can keep the community up to date with all the news that’s happening around the schools. I’m interested in learning how to take videos of what’s going on.

Haley Oktoyak

Haley Oktoyak

My name is Haley Oktoyak. My home is Emmonak, Alaska. My parents are Sharon and Lanny Oktoyak. My brothers are Terrance, Thomas, Theodore, and Lanny Jr. I have one sister, Aaliyah, which was adopted. I went to elementary and middle school in Emmonak, Alaska. I am currently going to Galena Interior Learning Academy (GILA) for high school. I am a sophomore. I came to GILA because my three older brothers came here when they were in high school. They told me about their experience here and that convinced me to come to GILA. Four things I’d like to do in this class is that I’d like to learn as much as I can. I’d want to have more fun and less depression-like energy or something like that. Come up with my best ideas would be nice. One last thing would be…I can’t come up with another one.

Solomon Sage

My name is Solomon Sage. I grew up in the native village of Kivalina, Alaska. My parents are Richard and Judy Sage; I am adopted to them from Donald and Della Booth. My father is an information tech person for the village clinic and my mother is a case worker for the village of Kivalina. My two sister’s names are Rachael and Dianna Sage, living in Kivalina. I went to elementary school in Kivalina, Alaska, and will be graduating high school May 2020. I came to GILA because I wanted a better education; back at home the McQueen School doesn’t have much opportunities there as much as there is here. This year in the journalism class, my goal is to be successful in class and where this class takes me. Also to give the students some interesting news to read.

Rayvn Walker

My name is Ravyn Walker. My hometown is Holy Cross, Alaska. My parents are John Gregory and the late Charlene Taylor and my parents who adopted me are Judi and Alden Walker Sr. My siblings are Jeffery, Ryan, Devyn, Alden Jr, Lucas, Darian, Kaleb, Casey, Mary and Candace. I went to elementary and middle school in Holy Cross. I went to school in Nenana my first semester of freshman year and got kicked out second semester. I went back to Nenana second quarter of sophomore year then transferred from Nenana to GILA second semester of the same year and I’ve been here since then. I came to GILA because I had no choice. I’m only in this class for the credit.

Sierra Walker

My name is Sierra Walker. My hometown is Holy Cross, Alaska. My parents are David and Connie Walker. My dad is the water plant operator and my mom is a health aide. I have five siblings. Their names are Miranda, Dorothy, Jimmy, David, and Davida. I am the youngest. I schooled at home from elementary up until junior year, then I came to GILA. I came to GILA because it’s a better learning experience and I know a lot of people here. This year in journalism class I hope to pass it. I hope to become more advanced at writing. Also, I hope to get improved in interviewing others because I’m such an introvert.

My name is Joseph Williams. I am from Huslia Alaska but I grew up in Fairbanks. My parents are Joseph Williams, and my mom is Vanessa Derendoff. My brother’s name is Brandon, and Jan Tre Jubilee, and my sister’s name is Dorothy.  I went to elementary school in Fairbanks, then in the second grade my mom made me move to Huslia, where I stayed until my sophomore year of high school. I came to GILA because my mom and sister told me to. I hope to learn a lot more new skills I could use in the real world. If someone needs help I could be there to help them and say, “Hey I took a class in this during high school I could help you out,” I would be able to reach further in life thanks to the stuff I learned in this classroom. I also can make new friends in the journalism field.

Paul Apfelbeck, teacher

My name is Paul Apfelbeck. My home is Galena, Alaska, but I grew up outside New York City in New Jersey and Connecticut, and I spent some time in Oregon and California. I’ve lived in Alaska since 1986. My parents are Joseph and Rhoda Apfelbeck. My father was a draftsman and my mother was the secretary at our high school. My sister Leanne is a chiropractor living in Asheville, North Carolina. I went to elementary school in New Jersey and Connecticut, and graduated from high school in 1974. I have a political science degree from American University, a journalism degree from the University of Oregon, and two master’s degrees in educational technology. My wife Isabella works in the business office at our school and my son Joe is in the engineering program at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I’ve been a teacher both at the GILA and SHS campuses since 2001. This year in the journalism class, my primary goal is to have the students produce more videos about the happenings around our school. Since we’re going to be producing the yearbook at the end of the school year, I’d like to see the journalism class do more than just come up with the superlatives. It would be great to come up with a new design for the school newspaper, since we’ve had the same design since 2012. I would like to have us interview more people via Skype so my students can hear from good writers living around the world.