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The staff members of the Hawk Highlights are:

London Keplinger, editor

Hailey Ambrose, staff writer
Aiden Diehl, staff writer
Alexander Evans, staff writer
Wassillie Gust, staff writer
Andrew Hoover, staff writer
Aaron Susook, staff writer
Anisa Arnold, staff writer
Jada Arnold, staff writer
Cora Jones, staff writer

London Keplinger, editor

My name is London Keplinger. I’m a senior from Kodiak, Alaska and the editor of Hawk Highlights. I have my mother, Sashinka Keplinger, to thank for my interest in current events, and my father, Mitchell Keplinger, to thank for my love of newspapers. My one and only sister, Diana Duran, now lives in San Diego with her husband, Tyler Duran, leaving me in the bitter cold of Alaska.

I joined journalism class as a way to get more involved with things going on in school. I’m interested in writing stories about people and their achievements. I want to be able to truthfully and interestingly portray a person. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

Hailey Ambrose

My name is Hailey Ambrose, I am 16 and from St. Michael, Alaska. My mother is Jerrine Ambrose, daughter of Clara Lockwood and Jerry Austin. My father Louie Ambrose, the son of Josephine Semakan and William Ambrose. Between my mom and dad. I have a total of 4 siblings. I am the middle child for my dad and the oldest for my mom. My dad has two children older than me, Travis Olin and Shalene Kavairlook. Then there is me and my two little brothers, Mathias and Kaleb Ambrose. The three younger ones are both my parents’ children.

I am in the journalism class because I need more English credits to graduate. I hope to get an A in here and write some pretty cool stories or articles. I don’t really care what I write about as long as it’s not boring or lame. But what I’m interested in is fashion and makeup so if I could write something about that it be pretty cool. By the end of the semester, I hope to be able to write a quick but good story or article in a short amount of time because it usually takes me a awhile to write a story.

Anisa Arnold

My name is Anisa. I’m a junior from Tanacross, Alaska. My parents are Donna Tremblay and Earnest Arnold Jr. I have seven siblings, and my oldest one is my sister Erika, who use to go here, then my sister Cassie, my brother Tristan, my sister Jada, my little sister Shayna, my little brother Vaughn, and my youngest sibling Cason.

I am in journalism class because they just put me in here, and it also gives me an extra English credit. I don’t really know what I want to accomplish. At the end of this class, I hope to learn how to become a better writer.

Jada Arnold

I am Jada Arnold. I am a junior from Tanacross, Alaska. My father is Earnest Arnold Jr. and my mother is Donna Tremblay. I have seven siblings; their names from youngest to oldest are Cason, Vaughn, Shayna, Anisa, Tristan, Erika, Cassandra.

I am in journalism class because it sounds fun and I needed an English credit. I hope to accomplish to become a better writer. I want to write about things that are important, like news or something that is happening in the world. At the end of this class I hope to learn new ways to write and have a better vocabulary.

Lydia Chunak

My name is Lydia Chunak. I’m a senior from New Stuyahok, Alaska. My mother is Matrona Gust and my father is Wassillie Chunak Jr. I have four siblings, but my oldest brother got adopted out by my grandma. My sibling’s names are Lawrence Gust, Travis Chunak, Matrona Chunak, and Wassillie Chunak III. I recently had a baby girl in October, and she is going to be adopted by my mother. Her name is Stephanita.

I love math. I want to become a middle school math teacher when I get older, and when I got the money to go college. After high school, I plan on going to job corps for either Certified Nursing Assistant or an accountant.

I am in journalism class because I needed a half of credit of English to graduate this spring. I hope to write about sports and interesting stories that are happening in the dorms.

Aiden Diehl

My name is Aiden Diehl, and I’m a junior at the Galena Interior Learning Academy, but I live in Wasilla. My family consists of my mom, Tabitha, my stepdad, Tim, my sister, Karmma, my stepbrother Seth, my dad, David, my stepmom, “Kitty”, and my stepsister, Nicole.

I didn’t originally think I would be in this class, but I guess having two science classes wasn’t allowed so I ended up here, although since I’m here, I’ll make the most of it. By staying in this class, I hope to become a better writer and maybe get the ability to write my own book. I’ve wanted to write my own story, kind of like a comic book or, the Harry Potter series, but since I’m probably not going to write about that, I guess I can settle with writing about dorm life since drama is a dominating subject in media.

I’m always interested in science, technology, and math. I hope by the end of this class to have learned how to be more descriptive which is something that I am lacking when it comes to writing. Although I’ve only been in this class for about 36 minutes, it looks like this class will be fun.

Alexander Evans

I am Alexander Evans. I am an eleventh grader from Mentasta Lake. My parents are Carol Evans and Tommy Evans, my sister’s name is Misty John, and my brothers’ names are Calvin Evans and Jason John.

I am in the journalism class because I need an English credit for high school. I hope to complete this class with a B or higher. I will write any assignment Mr. Apfelbeck will give me. One topic I am interested in is political news. I hope to learn to use correct grammar. I am interested in a few forms of music, mainly rhythm and blues and rap.

Wassillie Gust

My name is Wassillie Gust III and I am a junior from New Stuyahok, Alaska. My parents are Wassillie Gust Jr. and Anita Gust. I have two brothers and two sisters.

I am in journalism because I enjoy it and I need more English credits. I hope to pass all of my classes and get at least a C+ in Pre-Cal. I want to write about what kind of activities are happening around the dorms. I am really interested in math and basketball. I hope to learn how to better use correct grammar and try and get over my shyness of meeting new people.

Andrew Hoover

My name is Andrew Hoover, and I am a senior in Galena. I was born in Anchorage but raised in Pilot Station, Alaska. Anthony and Theresa are my parents. Justin, Allen, Harold, and Joshua are my brothers. My sisters are Justina, Arminella, Alison, Anthonette, Theresa, and Angela, who sadly passed away.

The reason why I am in journalism class is because I needed an English class to get a credit to graduate. I hope to accomplish a good amount of articles that are turned in on time. I don’t mind what I want to write about as long as it simple and entertaining.

I am interested in sports or events that are interesting like basketball and new policies that affect schools. At the end of this class, I hope to learn how to be a better writer on a deadline.

Cora Jones

Uvna Attiga Cora Jones. I am a senior from Fairbanks, Alaska. My parents are Eva and Bert Jones. My biological siblings are Bert Jones Jr. and Lesley Jones. I have three half siblings that come from both sides of my parents. My half siblings from my father’s side are Tara and Ronald Jones. My half sibling from my mother’s side is Abraham Armstrong. My parents have adopted two children from my aunt Aurora Hoffman. My adopted brothers are Peter and Tommy Jones.

Growing up my parents spoke in Inupiaq, so I had to take English language learners classes. English was something that I struggled learning at a young age. I would have problems pronouncing and writing in English.

In high school, I have learned to love writing, and reading books. I hope to improve my writing skills this class. One of my favorite topics to write about is about others people’s cultures and mine as well.

Aaron Susook

My name is Aaron Susook, and I am currently a junior in high school. I was born in Anchorage, but I am from Point Lay. I lived in Point Lay until I was five years old, when I suffered from a ruptured appendix. After that, we moved to Anchorage for six years. I’ve also lived in Barrow for one year, and I’ve attended school in Galena since 2013.

My parents are Sharon Nicholas and Daniel Susook. I have three biological siblings and one adopted sibling. Raeanne is my adopted little sister. My two older brothers are Jonathan and Dion and my older sister is Sharla.

I am in the journalism class because there were no other classes that seem interesting. I hope to pass this class and improve my writing abilitites.