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New cosmetology teacher is welcomed to GILA


Staff writers

  Galena Interior Learning Academy recently welcomed new cosmetology instructor Wilma Omnik.

  Ms. Omnik was born in Anchorage Alaska.

  Her mother married into an Army family, which caused her to move often in her childhood. Her mother was Hulda Conley and father was James Cobb. She has eight siblings.

  She went to kindergarten in Japan and her further years of school were spent all over the world.

  Ms. Omnik has three children: Patrick Baton, 27, Michelle Baton, 23, and Adam Baton, 21.

  Wilma has had six licenses in the cosmetology career. Her first license was obtained in Connecticut at Albert Beatrice School of Beauty Culture. Her other licenses were earned in three different states: Alaska, Tennessee, and Washington.

  She has two original instructor licenses and four other cosmetology licenses as well.

  She has worked at Hair Masters and Milan Institute of Cosmetology in Washington, as well as Regis, Tangles, and The Perfect Look, all located in Anchorage. She has been in the cosmetology career since 1986 when she started her first year of cosmetology school.

  "The harder you work [in this industry] the better your luck gets," she said during our interview with her.

  Ms. Omnik is so grateful to be able to work in Galena, as she hopes to increase student attendance in the cosmetology program. She said she is also very thankful to Tiffany Woods, who informed her about the opening. She is most surprised and pleased with the warm and welcoming Galena environment.

New cosmetology teacher Wilma Omnik.

Photo by Kaitlin Tom